Farewell To Customer-4

Dear Felix

Last time we spoke, I mentioned the possibilities that I would be leaving Red House Books in the early fall. This morning, I officially accepted a sales management position with Silverstone Press, starting the first week of September. Silverstone is located just downtown, and I hope you’ll always feel free to call me at my new office if you need my assistance: 99228-93930.

Alisha Naik will pick up where I left off. She’s an excellent sales rep, and I feel certain there’s nobody at Red House better suited for your textbook needs. Alisha has been with the company for five years. Prior to that, she taught grade school for eight years. Alisha will call you this week to set up the initial meeting.

Thank you for a memorable business friendship—although I hope it’s not over yet! You’ve helped make my stay at Red House very interesting. Keep doing the wonderful work you do.


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