Customer Relations-Representative No Longer With Company-4

Dear Felix

The sad news is that after nine wonderful and successful years, Amish Puri has decided to leave us to accept a sales position with a Mumbai-based firm. The good news is that he’s going to have an opportunity to live in his “dream city” of Mumbai and work as his new company’s sales manager.

Amish deserve all of these good things—he’s talented, diligent, and dedicated. During every one of Amish’s nine years with our firm, his sales shot up by at least 20 percent. That’s a pretty exceptional timeline.

Amish have given me 30 days notice, which leaves only a few weeks to find a suitable replacement. I would like to hire from within the company, and I’m open to personal offers and/or nominations.

Be sure to say goodbye to Amish. We wish him all the best.

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