Customer Relations-Representative No Longer With Company-3

Dear Felix

After 32 years of hard work, gifted sales Representative Punit Devra has decided it’s time to retire from Indian Flag. He’s been with Indian longer than any other sales representative, and we will miss him very much. Punit Devra has been your sales representative for the last 10 years, and I know you two have a special friendship. Punit has told me many times how much he enjoyed your account.

The great news is that Punit leaves us with exciting plans for his retirement future. He and his wife Anita are going to have the time to build a cabin in the mountains of North India, and Punit plans to go fishing every day. Sounds like heaven to me.

Please join us this Thursday for a retirement celebration at 7 p.m. in the Indian Flag lobby. You’ll have a chance to thank Punit for a decade of superior service, and maybe the two of us will have an opportunity to set you up with a new sales representative.


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