Customer Relations-Representative No Longer With Company-1

Dear Felix

SC Bank and Loan announces the departure of our talented chief loan officer, Paresh Asthani. Paresh has accepted an advanced position at Indian State National Bank in Bandra, and we are sorry to see her go. Over the last two years, Paresh has restructured, reorganized, and rewritten the way SC processes loans, and we are far more productive for all her hard work. Best of luck, Paresh. We hope you’ll stay in touch.

We all look forward to the September 15th arrival of Gopal Shetty, former chief-assistant loan officer at First State National, who will replace Paresh as chief at SC. I know you will enjoy working with Gopal. He’s an accomplished young man, who likes meeting new people and has a true flair for finance. Let’s extend Gopal a warm SC greeting at this month’s early morning social.

On a side note, I’ve noticed much improved customer service over the last few weeks. Keep up the great work.


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