Write a letter to the Editor for conveying concern about the decline of sports standards in the country.

Dear Sir

Through the columns of your esteemed daily, I would like to express my deep concern at the poor performance of our sportspersons at the international sports events. Even at the last (name) Games, we drew a blank while very small countries like ( give examples) bagged gold as well as silver medals. We have even lost our supremacy even in hockey, which has been our national game for a considerable time.

In many schools and colleges sports is considered as a time-wasting activity, and there are no proper play grounds, sports coach and the other sports-related staff. There is no dearth of budding sportsmen in our country. We must spot and groom these talented sportsmen who can outshine and do wonders at the international level and can bring laurels.

The menace of politics, favoritism and nepotism, which has entered more or less all fields of activity in our country including sports, is also considerably responsible for the deteriorating standard of sportsmen at international level. Selection of the sportsmen should be done strictly on the basis of merit and a sincere effort should be made to encourage sports culture at the grassroots level.


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