Customer Relations-Introduction of Sales Representative-2

Dear Felix

Starting next Monday, you’ll notice a fresh new face in the sales office.

Ali Khan—our head of traffic—has been promoted to the advertising sales team. Ali has contributed strong ideas to the sales team for two years now, and I expect that the transition to team member will be an extremely easy one for him.

After all, who’s well-prepared for this diplomatic position than Ali? He’s been a diligent trouble-shooter from day one—working with our team of artists and writers, as well as our demanding clients, to clear up communication and smooth any rough spots—and goodness knows, we can always use more of that upstairs in sales.

We are delighted with Ali’s past performance and pleased that we could fill the position from within. We look forward to his future contributions.

Best of luck, Ali. It’s an honor to have you on our team.


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