Customer Relations-Inventory Information-3

Dear Felix

Thank you for selecting Cloudsoft, Inc. to provide Hayes Furniture Manufacturers with the most comfortable chair and sofa stuffing on the market today. Thanks to satisfied clients like you, Cloudsoft has experienced rapid growth over the last six months. And bigger business means bigger inventory.

Let me take this opportunity to update you on Cloudsoft’s most recent inventory arrival: a revolutionary new kind of couch stuffing called Styrotech. Economical and durable, Styrotech is a comfy blend of cotton and lightweight Styrofoam. As you can imagine, it’s perfect for oversize cushions, extra-large recliners, and any of your bulkier items meant to last the better part of a lifetime.

We currently offer this new product at a reduced rate of 15 percent off stock catalog prices. Call me soon to order Styrotech or to discuss other ways that Cloudsoft might fit your needs. I look forward to filling your next order.


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