Customer Relations-Inventory Information-1

Dear Felix

Thanks for helping make this our best year ever. While we’re quite proud of the craftsmanship that goes into our Lady Carolina quilts, we know it’s our dealers who keep our company ahead of the competition.

Allow me to update you on some new inventory that sounds appropriate for your Little Ones baby store. In addition to the Daisy Collection of pink and yellow baby quilts listed in our most recent inventory book, we now have a wonderful new group of Daisy bedspreads for children’s beds. We have a limited number of Daisy baby pillows, and finally, several Monarch Afghans featuring darker shades, reds and blues.

Enclosed please find the color brochure which closely details all of this stock information. Let me know what you would like to order at your earliest convenience.

Thanks again for working so hard to help us succeed. We enjoy doing business with you.


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