Customer Relations-Discount Opportunities-6

Dear Felix

As a result of the recent acquisition of Blackmarque Publishing Co. by Hindustan Distribution, Inc., the company’s printing division is to be eliminated. Hindustan already operates its own printing facilities throughout the country and has no need of Blackmarque’s plants.

We’ve secured the rights to resell Blackmarque’s equipment on the open market. First we’re please to offer it to our valued customers. A complete listing of the company’s printing assets is provided on the enclosed brochure. The list is also available on our web site at (http://www.trans-india/press/discount.com/). You’ll probably recognize some the brands and models as top quality products in the printing industry.

We’ll be offering these items, at a substantial discount, to only our most valued customers for the next two months. After that we’ll open it up to everyone. Don’t miss this opportunity to acquire some of the best printing equipment available at a fraction of the cost.

For further information give me a call.


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