Customer Relations-Apologies for Poor Service-1

Dear Felix

Thank you for your concerned letter regarding your recent Cartier Cruise. I am sorry that you feel you did not receive the excellent service you deserved on your cruise.

Please accept Cartier’s warmest apologies for your less-than-ideal vacation experience. Since you’ve traveled with Cartier for several years now, I am sure you are aware of our commitment to superior quality in all areas of the cruise: dining, entertainment, recreation, accommodations, etc. Please trust that I have taken the necessary steps to assure that every cruise with Cartier will be a very fine experience.

Out of appreciation for your kind concern, and in an effort to restore your trust in Cartier, I would like to offer you a special discount savings of 35 percent on your next cruise. When you get ready to sail again, please call me and we’ll arrange things.

Thank you for cruising with Cartier, the best vacation cruise line in the world.


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