Customer Relations-Apologies for Employee Behaviour-3

Dear Felix

I would like to apologize for the disappointment you expressed over the phone regarding your agent, Lokesh Ray. I understand your frustration regarding the cottage on Oakmont that was sold last week.

Allow me to explain what happened. Last week, when I was unable to contact the Joshi, current owners of the Oakmont property, I instructed Lokesh to continue showing the house, as is our policy if we don’t receive other instructions from the homeowner. Lokesh showed you the house unaware that, before leaving on vacation, Mr. and Mrs. Joshi had promised to sell the house to an old friend.

Lindsay is quite upset over the whole affair, as I know you are. I hope you will feel better to know Lokesh has worked overtime to come up with a solid new list of beautiful homes for your review.

We feel that you are in great hands with Lokesh as your agent. Please call me at 94467-44052 if you would like to discuss this matter further.


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