Customer Relations-Apologies for Customer Support And Technical Problems-5

Dear Felix

Sometimes even the best doctors lose a patient. Every day, the Tree Doctor works hard to save trees, but not all trees respond to our treatment. I was sorry to hear your beautiful red maple had to be chopped down last week.

Please understand that gypsy moths are a very severe problem, and not all infested trees can be saved. When your Tree Doctor representative first inspected the red maple four months ago, I believe he explained that the prognosis was not good. Our gypsy moth treatment is proven to be the best in Mississippi, and I wish we could have started treatment earlier when there was less deterioration.

Since you have so many trees on your property, I suggest that you sign up for our semi-annual tree check service, which will ensure that all of your trees are checked regularly for any problems or early signs of disease. In light of your recent loss, I will offer you a special 30 percent discount on this service.

Please call me at 2259 5998 if you would like to sign up, or if I can be of further assistance.


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