Write a Letter to the Editor expressing your concern about the misuse of Modern Technology in the form of satellite.

Dear Editor

The recent advertisement about the satellite-linked car TV envisages that driving will become a real pleasure if this CTV is installed in the cars. It is said to be an electronic marvel and shall bring entertainment to the dash board. Undoubtedly, it speaks well of the progress made in the field of science and technology.

However, there is no doubt that modern technology is being misused in the name of entertainment. Driving a vehicle requires full concentration and mental alertness. If such a TV is installed in a car, it will cause distraction of the driver, which could result in fatal accidents. Installing such a gadget will mean uninvited accidents and putting in danger the lives of many people on the road.

Therefore, the government should take immediate steps to ban the manufacturing and marketing of such a T.V.


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