Customer Relations-Apologies for Being Unable to Fulfill Order-1

Dear Felix

International Auto Parts is the number one foreign car center in the southwest—as you know; we specialize in finding foreign car parts. Unfortunately, after checking with major garages in Paris, we have discovered the “la petite” carburetor pipe for your 1952 Monarch is nowhere to be found. Evidently, this pipe was discontinued in 1955, and as you know, the car was discontinued in 1968.

Though I realize you strive to maintain your car’s authenticity, I encourage you to try another carburetor pipe model. My head mechanic assures me that substituting something like a single-digit Porsche pipe should work fairly well.

Call me at 28986710 if this plan sounds practical. I’m sorry there isn’t an easier solution your repair problem, but I believe that classic foreign car owners like you understand the challenging nature of searching for parts. I look forward to working on your prize-winning Monarch for years to come.


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