Announcement of New Products And Services-12

Dear Felix

We’ve got some important news that will be of interest to you. Trans-India Press had added Onsite Training and Evaluation to our list of services.

Often the time and expense of training a new employee on the technical aspects and operation of a Trans-India Press can put a strain on existing personnel. They are busy enough as it is, and usually have little time to spend with new recruits. That’s where our Onsite Training and Evaluation program can be of benefit.

Briefly, for a minimal annual enrollment cost, we will provide your company with up to 12 monthly visits for those sole purposes of training and evaluating your new employees. You’ll be provided with a written assessment of our findings, as well as some suggestions and observations. The enclosed brochure will tell you more about this exciting new program.

If you are interested give me a call today. Or simply fill out the enclosed enrollment form and mail it back to us in the postage-paid envelope. We look forward to hearing from you.


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