Announcement of New Products And Services-5

Dear Felix

Goyanka Glass is an ecologically-minded window company, and we know that you care about the environment. Good news, with new Suntop Solar Windows from Goyanka, you can save money and conserve our natural resources at the same time.

Suntop Windows are affordable—15 percent less expensive than traditional windows.

These solar windows are as attractive as they are intelligent—made of cut glass and designed by renowned architect Rajendra Saxena.

When placed strategically, Solar windows are proven to cut heating bills by 1/3 and reduce electric bills significantly. Goyanka Glass is offering 20 percent off of Suntop Solar Window orders placed by June 10, 2007.

Suntop Solar Windows are a smart investment that you can feel good about. Please drop by the store and take look at our Suntop samples, and be sure to scan our new Windows by Duchamp brochure. But hurry, this window of opportunity only lasts until June 10!


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