Announcement of New Products And Services-3

Dear Felix

When you ask her to marry you, you want everything to be perfect: the setting, the music, the words . . . her answer. And what about the ring? Well, Zaveri’s Fine Jewelry has got several suggestions. This month, Zaveri’s introduces a new collection of radiant engagement rings, hand-crafted by acclaimed artist Mukul Ranvir.

We know money is tight when you’re starting out—and that’s why Zaveri’s is offering you a 30 percent discount on any ring selected from the Ranvir collection. This special offer saves you cash but also promises the highest quality.

A wedding proposal is a big investment. Let Zaveri’s save you money while you make everything perfect. Feel free to call for an appointment—or just stop by and view our new selection of dazzling engagement and wedding rings. We look forward to meeting you very soon.


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