Write a Letter to the Editor expressing your concern about the Polluted River.

Dear Editor,

Through the columns of your esteemed daily (name of newspaper), I would like to draw the attention of the authorities towards the polluted river (Name).
The (river name), which is the main source of water supply to (city/area name) is in a pathetic state. This river, which enjoyed a revered status in our cultural heritage has now become a dumping ground. Moreover, many settlements have come up near the banks of this river and the people wash their clothes in it, thereby polluting it further.

The river (name) is also being used to dispose of the carcasses of the animals and its surface is dotted with rotting plants, and other industrial wastes. It is the water of the same river, which after being treated, is supplied to the people living in (___) Therefore, action should be immediately initiated by authorities and people to prevent further deterioration of the waters of the (river name), which is our lifeline.


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