Anniversary of Customer Relationship-4

Dear Felix

You have owned a Mars-3000 Game System for two years now. We are glad you decided to play with us—hope it’s been a blast.

From the beginning, Mars-3000 has made a commitment to two things: technological progress and solid consumer service. This month, as we unveil our new games catalog, we offer players a brand-new fluorescent color scheme at an affordable price. Enclosed, please find a free sample of our hot new game, Tornado Town. It’s in 3-D!

It’s our most mind-bending game yet; the critics agree:

“Now that’s entertainment!” Jagdish Chandra, five-year game veteran.

“Finally, someone’s produced convincing 3-D! And the neon is totally cool.” Sandeep Rana, graphic designer and game addict.

Thanks for choosing Mars-3000. We value your business and your thoughts. Call our consumer service line at (1800) 985-MARS—tell us what you think.


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