Anniversary of Customer Relationship-2

Dear Felix

This month marks your first anniversary as an owner of the Jack Wolf Ride-Along Mower, the machine that attacks weeds while it mows. We hope that Jack Wolf has simplified at least one part of your busy weekly schedule.

Here at Jack Wolf, we like to stay in touch with our customers. After all, you make our business succeed! At the moment, we are collecting photographs of Ride-Along owners like you, posed with their trusty Jack Wolf Ride-Along. We will place these special photos on the back page of our catalog in January. If it’s convenient, please mail us a snapshot of you and your Ride-Along.

Jack Wolf’s top priority is customer service. Please remember that your Ride-Along mower is guaranteed for 20 years of quality service. We repair your mower free of charge.

Thanks for trusting your lawn care to Jack Wolf.


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