Dear Felix

We are pleased to respond to your letter of [DATE, ex. June 5, 1998]. Although we are not able to predict or offer an opinion as to [NAME/FIRM, ex. Mr. John Smith] ’s future creditworthiness as it may relate to you, we can indeed offer you the following historical facts regarding [NAME/FIRM, ex. Mr. Smith] ’s transactions with our firm.

We have been doing business with [NAME/FIRM, ex. Mr. Smith] for approximately [DURATION, ex. 5 months], wherein [STATE NATURE OF BUSINESS, ex. we have supplied him with compressors and maintenance services]. [NAME/FIRM, ex. Mr. Smith] has historically been invoiced roughly between $[AMOUNT] and $[AMOUNT] per month and we currently extend a credit term of [STATE TERM, ex. 2/10 net 30] to [him / her / them]. On average, [he / she / they] [has / have] remitted payment within [DURATION 35 days] of the invoice date.

[LIST DELINQUENCY HISTORY, IF ANY, ex. On one occasion, Mr. John Smith did not remit an invoice of $12,000 until 73 days had passed since the invoice date.]

I hope these historical facts will be relevant as you appraise [NAME/FIRM, ex. Mr. Smith] ’s future creditworthiness. However, we do encourage you to seek and acquire references from other sources.

You may contact me at XXX-XX-XX if you require any additional information.


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