Write a letter to the Editor about subsidies for mass transit.

Dear Editor

This is to bring to light that the area where I live has no public transportation, so to get anywhere I have to buy a car and pay taxes and title and transfer fees. Then to put that car on the road I need insurance, annual inspections and emission tests, a driver’s license and registration. Using the car requires gas, oil, tires, upkeep and repairs. All of these things are taxed, yet there is no state subsidy for me.

I believe public transportation is not a bad idea, but it should not be run or subsidized by the government. Private enterprise would assure that service would be provided out of what the consumers would be willing and able to pay. I see no reason why I should be paying the full cost of my own transportation and then be taxed to pay part of someone else’s travel costs.

The state legislature should get out of a business of mass transit since it didn’t belong to it.

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