Dear Felix

I have been following your firm for the past [DURATION, ex. four years]. [MAKE STATEMENT WHICH INDICATES YOU HAVE TAKEN THE EFFORT TO LEARN ABOUT THE FIRM, ex. I am convinced that the proliferation of automated compressor manufacturing facilities in the eastern United States, in conjunction with your new compressor technology, has the potential to place XYZ Inc. in forefront of its industry.]

I believe I have the ability to favorably affect your company’s bottom line.

Allow me to introduce myself, [NAME, ex. Jill Jones]. [RELATE HOW THE HIGHLIGHTS OF YOUR RESUME CAN BENEFIT THE FIRM, ex. Having had seven years of experience in sales and marketing of manufacturing supplies, I am confident my network of contacts in the field will be of great value to your firm. During my previous work experience, I have had close relations with several major manufacturers, which could be potential customers of your products. Accordingly, I am certain that I can increase your customer base.]

Since I understand that you are very busy, I have taken the liberty of including my resume with this letter. If we have an opportunity to speak with each other, I can better enumerate how I can be of service to your firm.

Please contact me at XXX-XX-XX if I can serve you in any way.


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