Dear Felix

Your [QUALIFYING ATTRIBUTE (S), ex. background in the field of finance] [has / have] prompted us to invite you to attend [MEETING, ex. our monthly financial professionals’ meeting].

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is [NAME, ex. Jill Jones] and I am the [POSITION, ex. president] of [CLUB/ASSOCIATION, ex. The Association of Financial Professionals]. [MENTION BACKGROUND OF CLUB/ASSOCIATION AND WHAT IT OFFERS, ex. For the past twelve years, our association has provided a forum for professionals in the field of finance to get together and discuss their opinions, suggestions and beliefs. We offer many benefits, such as our exclusive newsletter, The Art of Finance.]

[MENTION MEETING SCHEDULE, ex. I have taken the liberty of enclosing a brochure and meeting schedule. Feel free to attend any engagement which best suits your schedule] I’m certain you will be pleased with the benefits our [club / association] offers.

Feel free to call me at XXX-XX-XX if you have any questions I can answer. Thank you for your time.


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