Write a letter to the Editor praising the strangers Who made you aware of the prevention of cruelty to animal life.

Dear Editor,

Last week, some youths handed me a booklet about factory farming and vegetarianism. They were strangers to me, but I wanted to thank them.

Although I have never considered myself an animal lover, but I do consider myself a good person who tries to live by my values. I have always believed that we should not harm animals unnecessarily, but I never considered how animals raised for food were treated. In fact, animals suffer to become meat. The book points out that eating meat causes unnecessary suffering for animals and it is unnecessary for our living. I have now turned vegetarian due to the influence of the booklet.

The booklet informs as how each year (number) of land animals raised for food. They liev in filthy, crowded conditions, where all of their natural instincts are denied, and their bodies are mutilated in ways that would be illegal if cats or dogs were the victims. In the slaughterhouse, many are skinned and dismembered while still fully conscious and able to feel pain—and some are even scalded alive. The strangers who gave me the brochure opened my eyes to the horrendous suffering of animals raised for food. I went to the website (URL of website), which was listed on the brochure, and found a lot of helpful information on switching to a vegetarian diet. I am relieved that this barbaric treatment of animals is no longer being done in my name, and I invite all of you to consider vegetarianism as well.


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