Write letter to the editor about the Extension Week.

Dear Editor

I am writing this letter to inform you that from (date) (Name of district Extension Office) will be recognizing and celebrating a University Extension program.

The program is designated as Extension Week, and this year’s celebration will focus around the theme of “Helping You Become Your Best.” As an volunteer for the Extension Week, I wish to take this opportunity to thank your newspaper and all the dedicated community leaders and volunteers that partner with (district name) Extension and in helping (county or city name) become its best.

It takes a combined effort between ________University Extension, businesses like (local business) and (Name of Paper), and community leaders to make the programs of Extension truly impact the lives of (name of town/city). Extension programs in Agriculture and Natural Resources, Business and Industry, Communities, families, and Youth Development and Education would not be possible or nearly as effective without your involvement.

Kindly join us on (List date and event) as we celebrate the Extension Week, which play a vital role in helping (name of town) become its very best.


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