Dear Felix

As you know, I am very happy to work and contribute to [FIRM, ex. XYZ Inc.] under your authority, and I wish to add to the firm’s future profits by [STATE NATURE OF YOUR WORK, ex. continuing an aggressive and effective sales plan to bring in new customers.]

I am also confident that you are happy with my efforts. As I am sure you know, [MENTION YOUR PERFORMANCE, ex. my sales-in dollars for the past year was roughly $425,000, which far surpassed the $250,000 goal we anticipated at our year-end meeting twelve months ago.] [STATE FUTURE GOAL (S) Rest assured that I plan to beat this figure next year.]

You will understand, hence, my interest in a raise. You will agree that my request is a reasonable one; it is simply that my salary be based upon my performance.

I understand that you are a very busy person. I will thus be delighted to meet with you at any time you please to discuss my request.


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