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Dear Editor,

This letter is with regard to your editorial on (date) calling upon environmental and health groups. Given your concern about factual accuracy, here are some facts to correct the inaccurate assertion of your opening sentence, which refers to "the discredited campaign to terrify the public about Alar and apples."

It appears as if like many others in the media, your newspaper has fallen for the expensive, highly effective disinformation campaign waged by the agricultural chemicals industry for the past five years. For your kind information, I would like to give you an account of what happened since the Natural Resources Defense Council released its report about Alar and cancer risks to children. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) after a thorough review of all available data reaffirmed that Alar and its metabolite UDMH were properly classified as human carcinogens. It reiterated that the use of Alar on food crops presented an "unreasonable" risk to human health, and that its use should remain prohibited.The same conclusion was reached by a scientific peer review committee convened by EPA to examine the issue.

Recently, the Academy of Sciences also released a report which reaffirmed the basic premise of the report, namely that infants and young children are more susceptible to cancer causing agents in food. I trust that these facts are authoritative enough for your newspaper to set the record straight as to which side of the Alar issue is "discredited."


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