Write a letter from a University Professor to an Editor.

Dear Editor

I am writing this letter in the position of a professor of Psychology at (name of University). I would like to draw your attention to the inadequate funding for universities and research. It has been argued that the government spends too much money on universities and that a better use of the money would be for professors to spend more time teaching and less time "on other things."

As it is well known that one of the primary duties of the universities is to teach inquisitive undergraduate minds and to nurture budding scholars and scientists. In fact, students learn best about specific subjects when they have the opportunity to learn from those who actually do the research, who are up to date and who can help them participate. We all learn best by doing. My own research has helped children with learning difficulties succeed in school. We have developed a method for assessing reading and speaking problems by examining how the brain works. Other colleagues have taken this research and developed ways of helping parents, teachers and psychologists improve children’s learning. Many of my students have directly helped in this important work.

It is important to recognize the role of universities and university-based research in contributing to a strong economy and a healthy society. We are also hosting a series of lectures on the research we are undertaking and its relevance to society. The lectures are open to students of all disciplines and to the general public. We hope to do our part to achieve the goal of raising public awareness of the diversity of psychology and how it contributes significantly to improving the health and overall well-being of people in general.


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