Write a letter from a Practitioner to an Editor.

Dear Editor

This is to inform you that on (date) the article in your newspaper on the topic of health care and cost containment failed to point out one of the major factors that have increased the cost of health care over the years. The lack of access to psychological services by many low and middle income (nationality) has contributed to an overall increase in health care costs. Studies have shown that up to (% people) of all physician visits are made by individuals who have a psychological problem or whose physical problem has a substantial psychological component.

If health care providers had publicly funded comprehensive psychological services to which to refer their patients, this could significantly decrease the overall costs of health care by reducing the number of visits to family physicians and the inappropriate use of medications, to say nothing of the reduction of human suffering.

I would like to point out that the stigma associated with psychological care has receded now and availability of publicly funded psychological services has become primary to any comprehensive health plan. Moreover, as the general public is becoming aware of the role of psychology, they are beginning to demand better services. Interestingly, campaigns such as Psychology Month have started, which are organized in the month of February aimed at reaching out to people by organizing public education as what psychology has to offer and how it contributes to the overall well-being of the community.

Thanks to campaigns such as Psychology Month, along with other grassroots activities, people (name of nationality) are becoming more aware of psychology and how it contributes significantly to improving their lives. Therefore, it is now for the government to follow the citizens’ lead and to recognize the overwhelming benefits of publicly funding psychological services.


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