Write a letter applying for the job of Assistant Professor of English

Dear Sir/Madam

I am writing this in response to the ad dated (---) in the news daily (name of newspaper) for the position of assistant professor of English.

As my enclosed resume indicates that I have a long-standing experience of 15 years in the teaching of both composition and literature. In fact, my academic preparation in literacy issues, theory and instruction, and my research experience in the areas of comprehension of literature and writing in the disciplines have provided me with the background necessary to successfully assume the position in your institution.

I would like to inform me my scholastic training is broad and encompasses a number of the various areas that fall under the heading of English. My masters work focused on creative writing with special study and also included courses in the teaching of composition and composition theory. This combination of interests in composition and literature led me to doctoral work at (name of university) in the unique Language, Literacy, and Culture program. This program allows a focus on the acquisition and uses of literacy skills and on the roles that motivation, situation, and culture play in literacy development. In my research study, I focused on composition and reading theory, the acquisition and development of higher-level literacy skills, and reading and writing about literature.

I would bring to this position both preparation and experience, not only in writing but also in reading, in literacy skills as well as literature, and above all in the teaching of these subjects. I have enclosed a copy of my curriculum vitae, the abstract of my dissertation, and several teaching evaluations; as well as the letters of reference from various universities. I shall look forward to hearing from you and discuss the opportunities for me. In case, you have any questions, kindly contact me at my address and phone number given below.


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