Welcome to Potential Customer-15

Dear Felix

Welcome to Pine Valley! Now that you’re all moved in we’re sure your whole family is looking for a way to relax and wind down. Happy Times Theater would like to invite you to come and escape into a new world with us today.

Over the next two weeks you can escape into the jungles of Africa with Mahendra Doshi in The Adventure, or take a cruise with Simaran Singh and Bipen Roy in The Love Adventure. With six different screens Happy Times Theater can take you and your family anywhere you want to go, and with the new advanced sound system and newly redesigned chairs we guarantee the trip will be as real and as comfortable as possible.

A list of current movies and show times is posted weekly in the Friday newspaper or you can call 2555-5555 for a complete listing anytime. Enclosed are four free passes to Happy Times Theater. We hope your and family will take us up on our offer and come see us today.


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