Welcome to Potential Customer-14

Dear Felix

As you were moving we know you took pictures of the loading, the trip to your new home, and the unloading. Now that everything is settled and in place you’ve also taken pictures of your new home to send to the friends and family you left behind. The question is, “Who in this new city can you trust with these important photos?” The answer is Snap Photos.

Members of Pine Valley have entrusted Snap Photos with their family memories for years. We have helped document just about every birth, wedding, birthday, football game, and prom that has occurred in Pune Valley over the last 15 years. We want the opportunity to be part of your family’s memories also.

Enclosed is an Rs.400 coupon which can be used when developing your first three rolls of film. Come by and visit with us today, your memories couldn’t be in safer hands.


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