Welcome to Potential Customer-13

Dear Felix

Welcome to Chennai! As a new member of our fair city we are sure you’re eager to explore everything it has to offer. Our city has everything from quaint shops, fine dining, seaside cafes, and historic lighthouses and aquariums to a lively nightlife downtown. Chennai Metro can take you to all of these places, and we want to help you get to know your new community.

Towards this end we have enclosed several dollars worth of free tokens. These tokens are good for a ride on any of the many Chennai Metro buses and vans that travel throughout the city. Also enclosed is a map of Chennai and a map of the Chennai Metro routes that run through it. A 24-hour help line is also available in case you have any questions abut the best way to get somewhere. In this way, we hope to help find your way around our town as quickly and easily as possible.

Seattle is now your home. Go out and start exploring today.


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