Welcome to Potential Customer-11

Dear Felix

Welcome to the Cedar Park community! As a suburb of Mumbai, Cedar Park has all of the advantages of a small town with the convenience of living close to a big city. One of these advantages is our small, family-owned cleaners, Wadia’s Cleaning.

Wadia’s Cleaning has been in Cedar Park since the community was founded, and has been in the Cedar Park Chamber of Commerce since 1952. For decades, Wadia’s Cleaning has served the members of our community with a variety of services. We offer regular laundry services, dry cleaning, mending, alterations, drape and comforter cleaning, and even have a seamstress on staff to help with costumes and special dresses.

Wadia’s Cleaners has grown with our community. We had to expand our lobby to accommodate the growing number of people clustered around catching up on town news. We even expanded our hours. Now open from 5:30 a.m. to 8 p.m., Wadia’s will always be open when you start the commute into Mumbai and when you return.

The Wadia family has done everything possible to make our cleaners as available and as diverse as you need it is. Once you get moved in, come by and see us. We would love the opportunity to meet our new neighbors.


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