Response to Objection - Not Enough Demand-4

Dear Felix

Audio Library regrets the difficulties Donnatella Books has been experiencing with audio book sales. We realize the holiday season is the biggest selling time for audio books, but why should the summer months dictate a decrease in sales? We’re going to show you how to increase product demand and boost your summer profits.

Audio Library will immediately ship a collection of our new, best-selling books on tapes to Donnatella Books. You haven’t restocked in several weeks, so this will give your bookstore a fresh, new look. We’ll include a packet of promotional materials and radio/print advertising samples guaranteed to spark interest in the new merchandise and increase sales. Because Donnatella Books has a good credit rating, Audio Library will extend 90-day terms on the new merchandise. To expedite your shipment, please fax me a purchase order and watch your summer sales sizzle!


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