Response to Objection - To Expensive-1

Dear Felix

We received your letter declining to purchase our new software program because it is too expensive. We realize our product is priced higher than other similar programs on the market; however, the Contact Organizer offers advanced features that none of the competition have, plus it provides technological strategies crucial to success.

Enclosed you’ll find several case studies about companies that have chosen the Contact Organizer to help solve their planning and business challenges. You may find these challenges are similar to your company’s. These stories detail the outstanding features and capabilities that Contact Organizer can offer your business.

Here is what a few happy users are saying:

“Contact Organizer blows away Get Back Software for follow-up reminders.”

“I figured out the cost per features for Contact Organizer — how do they do it?”

I’ll call you early next week to discuss the needs of your company.


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