Response to Aid Inquriy-2

Dear Felix

Thank you for your recent interest in Starry products listed in the Roofing Materials directory.

In order to qualify your interest in specific Starry products and to determine if our product meets your needs, I have enclosed some general information about our products and our company. Although our products are manufactured in Dayton, Ohio, we coordinate sales for the New Delhi from our Agra office through regional distributors. The distributor nearest you is Tiptop Roofing Supply, located at 400 Main, Noida, 34782. That phone number is 401-532-8050.

After reviewing the enclosed literature, please write or phone me again at 632-479-4755 if you believe our products might be of further interest to you. I can forward more specific information once I know your specific needs. Thank you for your inquiry.

Very truly yours,


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