Response to Aid Inquriy-1

Dear Felix

Enclosed is the sales and technical information you have requested on Evergreen fertilizer. Although we have been manufacturing Evergreen for several years, the response we have received from our recent trade magazine ads has been overwhelming.

In addition to the product literature, I am mailing separately a small sample so you will have a better understanding of Evergreen.

Evergreen features easy application and fast results.

Over ten million bags of Evergreen were sold last year alone, and the feedback includes comments such as “fast and easy to use,” “half the price of Staygreen,” and the list goes on.

We ask only that you try Evergreen to see why so many companies are switching from Staygreen to Evergreen. Not only can you realize a cost savings in the initial purchase, but you can install Evergreen in a fraction of the time.

Our regional distributor for your area is G & S Distributing, and I have asked the representative who will be handling your account, John Wagner, to contact you with pricing information.

I hope you find the information enclosed helpful. If I can provide further assistance before your local rep calls, please phone me at 804-328-4176.


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