Reminder to Buy-8

Dear Felix

EcoEquipment is now offering a FREE TRIAL of our on-site PCP soil testing equipment for two to three months, with no obligation to buy. You can see for yourself the benefits that other firms such as yours are gaining from our sample tester, benefits such as:

• Higher accuracy using fewer samples

• Ease of use and portability (the entire unit is less than 15 pounds)

• Compliance with EPA testing requirements

We are not trying to change or replace any of your current EPA compliance operations. Instead, we want to augment your organization’s activities where we can provide a smooth, cost-effective solution. Our company has worked very hard to offer the types of products that can help meet the competitive challenges of the future.

We are convinced that it will be in your best interest to evaluate these products now. I’ll contact you in July to see if you agree.


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