Reminder to Buy-5

Dear Felix

I’m looking over the list of folks who responded to our off-season sale on our swimming pools, and I see that we haven’t yet given you the free residential inspection and estimate that you asked for. I don’t know if this was an oversight on our part, or maybe the timing just wasn’t right for you. In any event, I want to make it up to you right away!

Please return this letter in the enclosed return envelope by February 2. We’ll pay the postage and see that you receive priority status. We’ll immediately call you to set an appointment at your convenience. One of our representatives will come out to inspect your home, give you straight answers to your questions, and deliver you a precise estimate. Of course, there’s no obligation to purchase–just an exceptionally affordable price for a smart investment.

Please return this note to me today, and we’ll be out to talk with you next week.


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