Reminder to Buy-2

Dear Felix

We discussed last week some of the delays we’re having with the racing bicycle you wanted. I still think, however, that it’s important to move ahead with a final pricing proposal so that the information is available when you are ready to make a decision.

Our pricing of this custom product is in many ways a reflection of the amount of information you are able to provide us at the outset. Could you please review the list of questions below and let me know what you decide?

• Is a graphite frame necessary, or would you be happy with a chromium molybdenum frame? For the type of riding you indicated you would be doing, I recommend double-butted CroMoly.

• Would you like side-pull brakes or center-pull brakes? You mentioned Campanula, who is known for the side-pull.

• Should the crank set be Shimano or Sun Tour?

Any help you can give us with these answers will move us closer to the design that best meets your needs.


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