Proposals/Quotations Requests-Thank You for Opportunity to Present Proposal-4

Dear Felix

Thanks for inviting me to your law firm’s new headquarters and for the opportunity to quote our track lighting installation prices.

I think you’re exactly right — track lighting adds the elegance and style so necessary for a comfortable waiting area. After all, the waiting area provides the first impression, where you need personality the most. With the lighting design we’ve proposed, your clients won’t just be impressed, they’ll be dazzled. I realize that you are consulting several lighting professionals based in Nagpur, but I believe you’ll find our quote to be the lowest in town. Affordability is something we strive for always. However, if you do find a lower quote, let me know. I’d like to convince you once again of Ali Lighting’s commitment to excellence.

Enclosed, please find photocopies of the price quote and the lighting plans we drew up together. I’ll give you a call in a couple of days to arrange a second appointment.


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