Proposals/Quotations Requests-To Submit Purposal-2

Dear Felix

I have worked with a broad spectrum of Nation One Bank departments and branches. Over the last 15 years with Nation One, I’ve gained a lot of valuable experience and I’m interested in submitting a proposal on the practicality of consolidating all of your domestic business groups into one centralized data network. Consolidation means simplification:

•Improved communication services

•Immediate response to business transactions (in which five minutes might mean a fortune lost)

•Cost containment

So that I may offer you a detailed proposal, I would like to establish communication with your telecommunications staff for two weeks time. If you will help me make this happen, I can guarantee you a thorough proposal package that will pave the way for 10 strategic years of financial success.

I am enclosing a resume which details my broad background. I’d like to arrange a meeting with you for any day next week. I’ll call before Friday.


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