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Dear Felix

As a business grows and prospers there is a never-ending amount of new work to do. There never seems to be enough time or manpower to do all the routine work that is part of running a business — like payroll.

By hiring a company to do the payroll for your company, you are freeing up other employees to focus on more important things, like helping your business become more successful!

Office Accounts can take over all of your payroll duties. We handle all of the calculations, benefits tracking, deductions, record keeping, and the writing of the checks. All your company has to do is sign and distribute the checks!

Enclosed is a complete list of our services and options. The monthly fee will vary depending on what options and services you choose as well as the number of people you employ. Please read over this material and I will call you on Friday to arrange a time to meet and discuss this wonderful new service.


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