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Dear Felix

If you ask your administrative employees, they will probably agree that copier maintenance is critical to a successful office. Our research shows that the typical business will use copy equipment about six months before repairing or replacing it. Historically, when you have needed service the only option has been to call a repairperson at a cost of Rs.___.

There is now a service that can extend the life of your copier and save Batra Industries thousands of dollars during the next year.

PaperWorx specializes in outsourcing copier maintenance and has successfully served business and legal firms throughout the Hyderabad. We can significantly reduce your maintenance costs and your downtime.

The enclosed brochure outlines these services in detail. If you have questions concerning PaperWorx or want information on companies already using our services, please call me at our toll-free number, 1-800-555-1212.

Mr. Asthani, I look forward to talking with you about saving Batra Industries some money.


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