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Dear Felix

House Bill No. 1589 has passed through the Health and Human Resources Committee and is now being debated on the floor of the Maharashtra House of Representatives. If enacted, this bill would modify the Mumbai Human Resource code regarding nurses’ aides at nursing facilities. It would require at least one nurse aide to be on duty for every 8 residents during a morning shift, at least one aide for every 10 residents during an afternoon shift, and at least one aide for every 14 residents during a night shift. It would also prohibit nurse aides designated as a member of the nursing staff during a shift from performing tasks unrelated to direct care, like food preparation, housekeeping, or laundry.

This new bill, which seems likely to be passed this session, will result in considerable changes in scheduling for many nursing homes and mental health-care facilities. For such facilities, an increase in maintenance staff without nurse aide certification will be required. Increasing nursing staff through temporary and contract workers may be helpful in offsetting the costs of these new employees.

We at Flagstaff Medical Personnel believe in keeping you, our clients and prospects, informed about such restrictions and qualifications of concern to you. This is just one example of the ongoing, relevant, up-to-date service we give at Flagstaff. Please call me with any of your staffing needs.


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