Introduction to Product/Service-3

Dear Felix

Is a loyal employee who’s been consistently productive worth five minutes of your time?

Five minutes...for me to show you how you can recognize loyal service, outstanding performance, or a great idea...with the most wanted employee award: Accutron by Bulova...the only quality timepiece made in America.

As your local Bulova Territory Manager, I’d like to tell you about the experience of many companies, large and small, including... IBM, Texaco, Goodyear, Equitable Life, Western Electric, Eaton, and divisions of General Motors... companies who thought enough of their employees to let them select their own service awards.

Result: More than 80 percent of employees chose Bulova timepieces over all others.

Bulova products represent prestige and quality. To your employees, they say “thank you” more meaningfully than any other award you could give.

But whether you currently have an awards program or not, the material I’ll bring you will prove extremely useful in your employee planning.

I will call in a few days for an appointment. If it’s not convenient for you to see me personally, perhaps another member of your management team would be available.


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