Introduction to Product/Service-1

Dear Felix

We would like to refer your company to some of our clients.

We are a conference meeting site and recently have expanded our services to act as a consultant “clearing house” for corporations who frequently use our facilities for meetings. Clients often come to us to ask if we have heard of firms that present programs on this or that topic. We’d be pleased to add your name to the list and distribute your promotional material to appropriate inquiries.

What’s in it for you?

•Opportunity to make your presentation to some of the largest corporations in the nation

•Leads sent to you on all those who have asked for your area of expertise

•Contact name and phone number of the “right” people who can make a decision about your service

What’s in it for us?

•Promotion of our “full-service” meeting site

•Interest from you and your clients in our meeting site

We hope you’ll agree that it makes sound business sense for us to develop a good working relationship. If so, please send us several copies of your promotional material so that we can promote you properly.

If you have a chance to visit our facilities, please call me (5234-5663) and give me an opportunity to show you around personally.


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