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Dear Felix

The software business is booming. New technology and software is developed and released at an unbelievable rate. Designer Software is no exception. However, as your business grows you need to be able to expand into increasingly more competitive markets. The problem is that most of the traditional marketing and public relations firms in your area are not familiar with the software industry. They don’t know how to effectively market your products. Byte Public Relations can help.

Byte Public Relations was started in the Silicon Valley 12 years ago. We have offices in Santacruz, Mumbai, and as of March 1, Austin. We only work in high-tech public relations and we know how to get results for your company.

Some of our clients include:

• Turner Info

• Bell Computers

• Softech

• Intellitech

Byte Public Relations is the leader in the high-tech public relations field and we want to help you. Enclosed is a brochure which fully explains the services, options, and pricing available. Also included is a list of our current clients and their comments concerning our service record. Please review this information and we will call you next week to schedule a free consultation.


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